Q&A: Project Runway Australia’s Henry Roth gives the season 2 scoop

Henry Roth (above left) with fellow Project Runway Australia judges

Last time, it was the floaty and feminine frocks of Juli Grbac that charmed host Kristy Hinze and the judges to nab Project Runway Australia’s top spot. Who will be this year’s sartorial star? We get the scoop from Henry Roth, designer and mentor to the 12 wannabes vying for the ultimate prize – a coveted spot at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

What can we expect this series?

We’ve got some incredible challenges and guest judges. There is more bitching, more tension, more creativity and there are many more tears!

Tell us about the designers…

They are much more savvy, much more competitive and hard-nosed, because they know what’s at stake. This group unequivocally has a higher skill set than the group before.

What kinds of personalities will we see in the work room?

There are super-sized egos. For some, still waters run deep, for others, a total flamboyance. I’m seeing substance and deep contemplation. I’m seeing dramatic characters, but all in the context of one important thing, which is they’ve got to deliver, and they are delivering!

Any friction during filming you can divulge to us yet?

There has been a bit of ganging up [over one judgement]. The person they thought should have been out really copped it.

Is it hard to stay impartial?

No, it’s not, because every person that is in Project Runway Australia has been squeezed from the very freshest and best talent there is, so I am dealing with some of the top 12 up-and-coming designers in this country, and they deserve my equal respect, attention and passion for their fashion!

Do you ever blow your top?

As fun as I can be, I can be pretty tough as well, and I won’t accept it in my work room. So all I can say is watch out designers!

This article first appeared in OPTUS magazine, July 2009